Kim Kardashian squirts a ton while masturbating

February 28th, 2017 by J

Good thing Kim Kardashian is one terrible actress. She need not practice any lines nor do acting classes just to look natural on-screen when doing her stuff. Especially not for her private sessions, which she films herself. Yes, just like you and the rest of the perverted community watching this leaked Kim K video, we’re relieved to see that Kim looks oh so fuckin’ natural being the slutty hoe that she is while pleasuring herself. It’s no secret that she started young with regards to unleashing her inner bitch and as you can see in this hot and kinky masturbation clip, she’s still a few years younger and that pussy hasn’t popped babies yet, still good for hardcore BBC fucking.

Hot Kim K squirts while playing with her pussy!

She obviously enjoyed being single while sharing to the world her hot habit of making a huge mess on cam as she plays with her cunt using her favorite toys and squirt loads on her poor, supposedly comfy, bed. She figured she doesn’t need to stay in her own bed anyways as she has slept around a lot before finally settling down. Watching her go gaga with her twat in this video clearly shows that there’s really nothing to be shocked about that infamous leaked sex tape she had with a former lover, eh?

Kim Kardashian in a hardcore anal threeway

February 21st, 2017 by J

Kim enjoys hot anal sex in a wild threesome

Kim Kardashian never fails to surprise us. Here she is in another sex tape where she’s in a kinky latex outfit, going wild with two of her fuck pals in a hardcore threesome. Making use of her filthy mouth sucking on two stiff dicks and of course her nice huge ass for some hot anal banging. Taking turns stuffing her mouth, cunt, and ass, these jocks are the luckiest pricks to fuck Kim K’s infamous bunghole and I can only bet that they’ll be having more sessions like this that we will discover on the web soon.

Skanky Kim K gets her bunghole plowed deep

February 14th, 2017 by J

If there’s one way to really enjoy some rough quickie with Kim Kardashian, it’s to go straight for her ultimate asset, her uber sexy and juicy butt. Fortunately, she is into anal sex and most of her lovers got a taste of this meaty goodness by fucking her hole into oblivion. Lucky like this dude who Kardashian just met right before she flew to NY to support her hubby’s gig. Kim can’t decline such an offer for a hot anal fucking when this jock promised her a huge cock, just like her husband’s. She wasn’t disappointed and could swear that this pervy prick kinda feels like Kanye’s big black dick drilling her ass. She enjoyed the lil rendezvous especially that she got filled up with some warm jizz too.

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Kim Kardashian rides dick rough at home

January 31st, 2017 by J

When Kim Kardashian invites over some guests at home and it happens that she’s got no househelps around, she expects them to abide by her simple rule: clean after yourselves. A lot of people might not know this but Kardashian is a self-confessed Obsessive-Compulsive freak and it drives her nuts when things go chaotic inside her home. But as it turns out, not all her friends share the same sentiments and often get some household cleaning lessons from her even before they can take another breath in. Luckily for this particular ‘friend’, she fancies him and has always been fantasizing about that chance that she gets to go naughty with him without appearing too clingy and needy. Her chance came when this dude broke Kardashian’s house rules and she didn’t hold back.

Naughty Kim Kardashian gets sprayed after a hot fuck action

Knowing that her pal has shown her interest in the not so recent past, Kardashian teased him and made a deal of having wild sex with him as soon as he cleans the entire space for her. As expected, Kardashian got what she wanted and she finally got a taste of this dude’s stiff cock by giving him head and she’s able to feel the huge throbbing meat between her huge ass by choking it using her oiled up cheeks. They ended up fucking rough and tough, getting dirty in the freshly cleaned dining area. It’s all good though coz Kardashian knows she’s taught this naughty friend of hers a lesson he will never forget. Plus, she did get a load of his spunk, a sure sign this ain’t the first and last time of their private tutorial sessions.

Naughty Kim K teases in the nude

January 29th, 2017 by J

Oh, Kim Kardashian knew of her assets even when she was just a teen, and she has one of the proofs in this naughty clip. She just had some stuff done to her small titties and she’s pretty proud of the size it got, showing it to some random horny wankers on webcam. You can totally see how fake those tits are but she carries the damn things well, you really wouldn’t mind. Thank god she’s one gorgeous chick and has a lot of charisma floating about her here and there, making men and probably some women horny as fuck, horny enough to play with themselves while watching her strip on cam and playfully display her breasts and that fine (too fuckin’ real) ass! Yeah, at least we know her controversial bum is her very own flesh that would go red and sore once spanked hard and none of those silicone thingies that would burst at the maximum pressure.

Sexy Kim Kardashian likes showing her tits and fine ass

Watch Kim K in this hot video and you’ll never think of her sex tape with Ray J as scandalous because she actually started this young making people horny all over the world, causing them to make a complete mess in whatever room they’ve been jerking off. Kleenex’s sales suddenly skyrocketed when Kim’s striptease clip went viral. Go figure.

Kim Kardashian creampied in rough fuck action

January 23rd, 2017 by J

Teen Kim K gets creampied by college dude

Kim Kardashian’s tits and ass did start small, as with most things. Few years ago, in her first ever sex tape, she has exposed her young body while having sex with a pal. She’s wild ever since and enjoys it fast and rough even before she got hooked on BBCs, which ultimately stretched her cunt way more. Full clip here of her hot fuck action and a jerk off-worthy creampie to boot.

Kim K sucks and fucks BBC in a Glory Hole

January 16th, 2017 by J

Forget about the detailed report Kim Kardashian told the press regarding her terrifying ordeal with those robbers in Paris because she appeared to have moved on from all the drama. Chillin’ in a filthy Glory Hole she goes and she only wanted the best of course when it comes to the cocks she wanted to put inside that nasty mouth and baby-making pussy. She chose the big black cock even if she was tempted to play with the white and smaller dick. And just like that, sucking on the BBC and humping on it on the wall like a fucking pro, she made the lucky bastard cum, well, she made them both explode rather. No need to miss Kim K when she’s still MIA in her IG or Twitter. Just watch her go wild with these random men and you might even get the slightest hint as to what the real status of her marriage with Kanye West is right now.

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Skanky Kim blows on a big black cock

January 9th, 2017 by J

Horny Kim K sucking rough on a BBC

One simply doesn’t have to talk to someone when other person’s mouth is full. But Kim Kardashian doesn’t seem to mind being talked to especially when it’s some nasty chat about a big black cock that’s currently fucking her warm mouth. Just a few days before getting hitched with now hubby, Kanye West, Kardashian had a last go sucking on a random dude’s huge black dick, while a former (one of them) lover looks on. So you see, it’s not just her sex tape that made her instant famous, Kim Kardashian has been an all-out high-class whore her entire life. Who knows what she’s been doing with men during her teen years too, eh? Those sex tapes have yet to be discovered though but for the meantime, enjoy watching this hot blowjob clip of hers as she is down on her knees, practicing her skills on a huge meat. She does look like she is made to be sucking on BBCs after all. No wonder she caught West by the neck and got his massive cock all to herself! But, hey, it ain’t a one-way road to luck though because West did get a huge chunk of Kim’s assets too, her fine ass and juicy tits.

Horny Kim K gives hot footjob and blowjob

December 28th, 2016 by J

As feisty and wild Kim Kardashian might be, she is still the kind of a woman who likes to tease rather slow, making her man feeling more excited as she makes his cock stiff between her lips and make it grow inside her mouth while sucking on it gently. She ain’t always the kind who’d jump in bed and cum in just under 10 minutes and doze off. In this leaked video, Kim wanted to make it last longer by not showing too much skin right away and just work her magic giving hot head and a footjob combo. She did get a load of jizz for doing such great… jobs.

Kim Kardashian gets sprayed after giving head and a hot footjob

Kim Kardashian flashes massive tits and ass

December 20th, 2016 by J

Who knew that a prim and proper lady raised as a Roman Catholic and has attended posh all-girls schools will end up as one of the most feisty sex symbols in the history of humankind? As if this didn’t shock family, friends, and fans, Kim Kardashian, apart from being the sultry sex siren that she is is actually made to become a mother of two. One of the reasons why she desperately wanted to become a mother is that she is head over heels in love with her husband, Kanye West and his massive black cock, of course. It’s no secret how much these Kardashians love black meat. And another reason why Kim wanted so bad to become a mom is to increase in size with those already huge juggs and ass, naturally.

Kim K flashes breasts and ass

It appears that Kim K got everything she wanted and is way too happy to share this in her kinky solo webcam show. She’s all about results and it shows. Watch her in this leaked striptease clip where she flashes those titties that seemed to have tripled their size after popping out two kids. And of course that juicy ass, which many believe to be fake, is actually as real as the hot gardener your bitch has been cheating you with. Safe to say that motherhood suits Kim, at least physically. Now you wankers have more tits and ass to jack off to.