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May 23rd, 2017 by J

Straight from a Kardashians’ friend comes the report about Kim wanting to divorce husband, Kanye. Lots of work to do to win full custody of her kids if she pushes through with the divorce but Kim K’s friend said that Kim doesn’t like to stay married anymore. Though at some recent events, talking to her mom and sisters, their topic was of Kim’s desire to have a third kid and chosen her mother, Kris Jenner, as a surrogate for health reasons. But even through all these drama, which Kim is no longer a stranger to, she manages to still get cozy and intimate with the hubby and made sure everyone on the world wide web will watch her having fun, probably in denial of the marriage that has gone sour over the past month or so. Who can blame her though if she practically owns one of the biggest black cocks in the USA and will have a tough time letting go, eh? Watch how they ‘kiss and makeup’ in this hot leaked sex tape. Kim adores her husband’s huge cock and enjoys even more while she sucks on it and gets her tight hole drilled by it.

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May 9th, 2017 by J

Kim Kardashian may be busy sharing pictures of her babies on IG but, clearly, this isn’t her only hobby. Piercings, tattoo, and wearing some kinky fuck-me glasses are her new favorite accessories when it comes to ‘play’.

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Watch her in this new leaked sex tape where she shows off her skills in giving hot head while she expose that sexy tongue piercing and some fresh ink on that curvy body. She enjoys blowing on her hubby’s dick and eating warm cum, enough reasons to keep her rocky marriage goin’, I suppose.

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May 2nd, 2017 by J

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Kim Kardashian West unleashed another shocking secret for the public to see and it’s all about her “flawless” massive ass and legs. She went on a swim at some beach recently and the paparazzi were quick to discover the cellulites all over these supposedly smooth and tight assets. This may seem to just be a form of distraction for this newly leaked sex tape of hers and it did its job, slightly. Critics expressed their dismay at Kim for feeling deceived looking at her airbrushed and photoshopped pics on IG, comparing them to her real-life looks.

But like mentioned, they were just distracted for a few seconds until this wild sex tape appeared on the web. If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to Kim Kardashian’s bed skills and talents, watch her squirt a ton while she’s getting nailed rough on the bed. And, yes, her massive juggs dancing to the wild rhythm of hardcore banging, swingin’ in circles, making water balloon noises in the process. She’s got her curvy legs spread wide while this anonymous hunk thrusts his shaft inside her pussy as rough and as deep as he can go!

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April 25th, 2017 by J

Unlike many teenagers, Kim Kardashian was full of confidence, knowing how hot and sexy she is with those huge round breasts and fine ass. They are real and fresh and she knew these right from the start. And it comes with such confidence, her knack for sharing her gifts aka assets to random strangers who she loves teasing by wearing her favorite skimpy lingerie that will enhance her juggs and ass more.

Kim never wasted a time to showcase her goods while she was a blooming teen and every single time she does something naughty on cam, she gets a ton of cash too. She figured she only has everything to gain by earning while giving pleasure through her cam and she could go places. Well, well, what do we know? Years after she made men hard and jerk off to those young juicy funbags, her nice tight ass, and of course her wet shaven twat, she didn’t lose interest with this fun hobby of hers and took it to making wild sex tapes with former boyfriends and maybe, just maybe, making some new ones with her husband too. Now we know that all those “leaked” sex tapes were, at some point, not accidentally done so. Watch her play with those perfect breasts and take a nice long look at her ass and pussy, long enough to milk that stiff dick in your hand.

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April 18th, 2017 by J

Wearing her skimpy latex suit is one of the ways to keep her hubby hard for a much longer time, since this is both their fantasy. Kim Kardashian knows how to please Kanye, alright, and they ain’t gonna keep it to themselves either.

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Watch sexy ass Kim K in the bath while she gets filmed playing with her pussy using her toys and teasing on cam. Showing off her perfect ass never gets old and we’re sure you are all still droolin’ and jerking off to this piece of heaven. If you came here just for her ass, consider her masturbation scene a hot bonus. You’ll be back for more of this, we bet.

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April 11th, 2017 by J

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The Kardashians sure know how to keep things alive and kicking, making their fans keep up with all their dramas. Kim Kardashian, after a lapse with some of her prior commitments due to her trauma from being alone with criminals inside her hotel room, is yet in another battle but this time around, with anxiety over what’s been happening with her husband. On a recent episode of their family’s reality TV show, she was seen breaking down while talking over the phone, seemingly distraught over her hubby’s situation in his recent event. Yes, these sound deep and stressful, right? So, to keep us fans distracted for a bit, someone was tasked to let another sex tape of Kim K’s to slip inside the web and entertain us all. And, boy, did this wild interracial anal fuck session made me forget that Kim has a grim face while sobbing on the phone while talking to Kanye.

We’d like to assume that this anonymous BBC is indeed Kanye as he has a massive dick, which Kim K always gush about when talking about dirty stuff she does, sharing stories with her sibs. With those nice big butt cheeks and fine huge tits, no doubt it is Kim and her excitement sucking on that big dick is a dead giveaway. Black cocks all the way! Watch her mouth and ass get stretched by this black man’s thick and long boner, making Kim K squirm with pleasure. At least with this hot and wild ass-banging action we can breathe from all the Kardashian drama and release ’em tension while choking those stiff meats.

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April 4th, 2017 by J

Kim Kardashian chopping her long hair into a bob ain’t news anymore because she’s done that before. Not many people are excited about whatever she does to her hair, but everybody will still be on the lookout for any new leaked sex tapes she may happen to have. If you’re one of them, the avid fans of Kim’s nasty habit of letting her naughty tapes ‘accidentally’ leak, you need not wait long in line anymore just to have a glimpse because this post is all about another one of her dirty masterpieces just before she got hitched. Watch her ride some naked jock’s thick dick and get nailed rough on this black leather loveseat. Ain’t it always such a hot view when men are filming themselves while banging Kim K from behind because of those meaty butt cheeks that scream kinky spanking and of course, an even more nice view for when we see her get fucked upfront. Can never go wrong with those big tits and her signature ass.

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March 28th, 2017 by J

The Kardashians seem to never run out of schemes to get the entire world’s attention. When their ratings drop and they see that people are starting to get bored with their “reality” while watching their TV show, they’d stir up rumours about their own relationships, dig up past juicy gossips about leaked sex tapes, all the way through crazy shits like getting held up and robbed inside their hotel rooms. Well, can’t really say now which ones are true and ones are made-up but Kim Kardashian in particular has various ways of attracting attention. Yes, besides the massive titties and ass, which make men drool and ladies envious, Kim has unleashed yet another secret that was supposedly locked up in her Pandora’s Box. This is a hot video for when she was some years younger and a younger version of her wild and naughty side today.

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This has just proved that the sex tape of Kim as an adult, which was actually the only reason why she is famous today in the first place, is not her first ever leaked sex tape. She was a naughty and dirty teen who explored having sex with older men and had a taste of her first huge cock in the same age. Watch this hot clip as she goes down on a horny jock with his thick dick plowing her mouth and that tight cunt. Kim did have a nice pair of juicy breasts even before she went all out slutty as an adult and looks like this video also validated just how real her big sexy ass is. Click here to view the full video of a younger Kim getting mouth-fucked, banged on a bed and creamed in that hot pussy.

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March 20th, 2017 by J

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Kim Kardashian maintained her curvylicious body because she’s been under a strict yet fun yoga practice since she was a teen. Fun because, well, watch this leaked sex tape where she got hot and wild with her yogi. She ends up getting fingered and fucked ’til her pretty face is covered in milky jizz.

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March 13th, 2017 by J

Another fun road trip for Kim Kardashian but this time she was with some dude who likes sticking his dick inside her mouth. A quick nature trippin’ got too exciting so fast that they lost themselves in a naughty moment, oblivious to random strangers around them. But, you know, it is Kim Kardashian, and she couldn’t care less what other people might think nor say about her as long as she’s having fun! She gave this jock a hot blowjob outdoors then ended up playing with herself at the motel they stayed in for the night. We’d like to see more of this new pastime of Kardashian. Road trips could be a thing again for most people who just wanna bang in the comfort of a bedroom. Go out there! Explore the endless possibilities of various hotspots for sexual pleasures. You’d be thanking Kardashian soon enough.

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